Bring your own Pattern

Know how to Crochet and Have a crochet pattern that you wish to handmake, but having trouble understanding how to make it happen? This is the class for you!


Simply bring your pattern of choice to class and let us guide you to start your project!

Learn How to read Crochet Charts / Crochet Patterns
Regardless of Chart or written patterns, we will be able to guide you to starting and completing your project of choice!

Bring your own hook and yarn or Let us guide you on a good yarn choice for your project
Feel free to bring your own yarn and hook for the session, but if you need additional help to choose, we will be able to guide you as well.

Get your project started!
Let us guide you on starting your project and give you tips on how to make your project better and easier for yourself. Complete the rest of your project at home or come for another session to finish it off, it's all up to you with this flexible class option.

To get started, simply book a class and bring along your:
- Crochet pattern/chart of your choice
- Your Crochet Hook and Yarn of choice (if any)
And let's get started together!
Get started with your Dream Project now!