Community Room House Rules

We aim to foster an inclusive and fair craft space for our users. 

In order to make the space enjoyable for all, usage of our spaces come with the following rules & responsibilities:



  1. Be kind and respect others. We strive to keep the space quiet and focused. Please refrain from loud conversations and phone calls that may disrupt others. We reserve the right to confront you if necessary.
  1. Smoking is strictly NOT ALLOWED in our premises. 



  1. BE PUNCTUAL. We will reserve the right to cancel your booking. No refunds will be made for no-show or late-comers.
  1. Keep a lookout for your own belongings. We will not be responsible if you misplace your belongings.
  1. Be gentle. Do not break or damage any of our products, samples or furnishing on display. You will be charged if there are any damages found.


  1. Do not touch or remove the personal belongings of others. If you see any misplaced or suspicious items, do inform our staff members to assist you instead.
  1. Do not hog seats. If you require a space to put your belongings, we have baskets available for your use. 



  1. Guests are not allowed into our spaces. As we have limited seating, please be considerate and book beforehand if you are coming with others.
  1. Bookings should be made in advance. Additional users will be rejected if there are insufficient seats.


  1. Clean up after yourself. Please clean up after you use the space and refrain from leaving any rubbish behind. Should staff be required to clean up after you, a cleaning fee of $5 will be charged from your deposit.
  1. Observe basic meal manners. Please do not bring in strong smelling food and beverages. We will request you to finish them outside our space should it cause a disturbance to others. 
  1. Food waste should be properly disposed of in bins OUTSIDE of our premises. For spillages, a cleaning fee of $20 will be charged from your deposit for us to clean up after you.


  1. Do not abuse the internet provided. Downloads of illegal materials, such as torrenting, are not allowed.
  1. Fair use of the internet. Do not hog internet bandwidth with excessive usage.


    1. Cancellation of booking has to be at least 24 Hours before the scheduled date. Any late cancellations will result in forfeit of your deposit. No refunds will be made for late-comers or no-shows.

    Let’s make the spaces at Memo’s Art House a fair & enjoyable space for all by being considerate towards each other!

    Memo’s Art House reserves the right to ask users to leave should there be a violation of any of the above clauses.