Welcome to Memo's Art House!

Together with our bunny, Memo (pronounced Meh-Mo), we source for affordable crafting supplies for crafters in Singapore to enjoy. Let's start crafting!

  • Beginner: Amigurumi

    Interested to learn to crochet your own toys? Join the trend and learn how to make your own amigurumi in our 3-session Amigurumi class designed for beginners!

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  • Intermediate: Sakura Mini Tote Bag

    Make this tote using Hexagonal Granny Squares. Super cute pattern that brings out the refreshing experience of Spring-time!

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  • Intermediate: Criss-Cross Sling Bag

    Make this sling bag using the crochet Celtic Weave stitch done in the round! A challenging but super addictive pattern once you get the hang of it!

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  • Plan your Own Class

    Have a pattern in mind to work on for your next project but can't figure out what the pattern is writing? Decipher it in this class with us!

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