Knitting For Beginners

Want to learn how to knit? Join us in our comprehensive Beginners' Knitting Classes to pick up a new life-long hobby!

Select your preferred project to get started with and let us help you to take care of the rest!

With all our classes, we aim to teach all our students all the required basics for you to become independent Knitters after your lessons with us ♡

Interested to learn to crochet your own wearables?

Learn how to make beautiful clothing pieces with our Beginners' Knitted Wearables classes ♡

Bags & Pouches are versatile projects that can allow you to explore many different types of stitches, yarns and work with different kinds of bag accessories and embellishments. There's never a boring bag project!

Learn how to make a small pouch or bag with our 3-session Beginners' Knitted Bags/Pouch classes ♡

  • More Classes Coming Soon!

  • More Classes Coming Soon!

  • More Classes Coming Soon!