Space Usage Terms & Conditions

By booking and using our space, it is hereby agreed that you are aware of and bounded by the terms & conditions as stated below: 

1) The person who made the booking will be appointed as the main point of contact for the booking.

2) The main contact of the booking will be responsible for the booking made and will be responsible for the others who will be using the space with them under their booking (if applicable).

3) Memo's Art House will be allowed the right to enquire on the purpose of the booking and will retain the right to turn away or cancel bookings at their discretion.

4) The main contact agrees that their contact details can be used by Memo's Art House to contact them in relation, but not limited to, the purpose of booking, booking information, follow-ups and updates.

5) The main contact of the booking must be present during the booking. The other users who will be using the space under their booking (if applicable), will not be allowed to use the space if they are not present. The main contact of the booking must reach out to Memo's Art House beforehand if they are not able to attend the booking slot. 

6) Memo's Art House and our associates will not be responsible for any injury, loss, damage or claim whatsoever arising, suffered by the main contact or those who are using the space with them.

7) During the booking, the main point of contact will be responsible to keep the space clean, quiet and not disruptive for other users. 

8) Tables and Seats must be kept clean and un-damaged after use. If there are any damages found after the booking, the main point of contact will be liable for the cost of damages.

9) Cancellation of Service: A 24-hour notice must be given for cancellation of the booking from the main contact of the booking. If 24-hours notice is not served, the booking charges will be non-refundable.

10) For booking of tables for the purpose of classes: The main contact of booking will be allowed to come in 30 minutes prior to their booking slot to prepare for their usage. 

11) Memo's Art House and our associates will have no obligations to handle and settle any disputes between the users, their counterparts or business associates.

12) Should the main contact or their users be in breach of any of the above, Memo's Art House will reserve the right to terminate the booking immediately and without prior notice. Any and All outstanding fees owed to Memo's Art House will have to be paid up to the point of termination.